Design Ideas

The Popcorn Box Arch
This arch as the name suggests is constructed coming out of giant popcorn boxes.
The boxes are approximately 60 cm wide at the top tapering down to 50 cm at the base, and stand 1.2 m tall, the arch can be made in any size from 1.8 m wide (internal size) up to 4 m wide (internal size). The height can also be adjusted to the same dimensions as the width.
Prices start at £150.00 delivered and installed.
The arch frame and boxes remain the property of Balloons of Brighton and will be collected after the event.

Champagne Bottle with bubbles

This great champagne bottle with bubbles is a fantastic display for the entrance to your special party.
Whether it's a wedding, a special milestone age, or a corporate event this will look great and get your guests talking.
There are two variations to the bottle to choose from.
The bottle and frame are supplied on a loan basis. Prices start at £50.00, the one pictured below has twinkling lights inside some of the balloons.


Trees can be made in a variety of ways and styles, The most common is the palm tree. All trees can be made in different sizes and colour combinations to suit your theme.
The trees below are just some of the types available, just let us know what you are thinking and we will make it a reality.

Balloon Topiary trees

These come in lots of variations, from the basic group of balloons on a pole, to more elaborate decorations.
Prices start at just £20.00.
Most come on a stand which can be kept for an extra £10.00 or returned after the event.

Under The Sea Themed Arch
Rainbow themed Wedding Display

Flower Themes
Suitable for all occasions, the flower is a wonderful design to incorporate into your balloons, they can be made in any colour and sizes from 10cm upto the limits of your imagination.

Balloon Swag

To match the theme of the organic designed topiary trees above you can have balloon swag for your tables, these are just
£15.00 per metre length.
This one is 2 metres in length​​​​​​​